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SkypointOne of the best known and most anticipated projects in downtown, Skypoint has already begun work on the seventh floor. The tower will begin after the 8th.

Located in the 700 block of N Tampa (bounded by Tampa, Zack, Ashley, and Polk), this project was initially expected to be done late this year, but I believe the current estimate for completion is spring 2007.

The building will be 32 stories tall and will have 381 units. Ground level will include retail space, and floors 2-7 will be mostly for parking. A pool and terrace deck will be included on the 8th floor.

ybor al drives in winning run

75 years ago.

June 21, 1931 - Tampa's own Al Lopez, dubbed "Ybor Al" by the Tampa Tribune, has a banner day for the Brooklyn Robins during his team's game against the Chicago Cubs. The Hall of Fame catcher drove in the winning run with a walk off single in the bottom of the ninth. The game lasted almost three hours - an eternity in the pre-television days of major league baseball.

Courtesy of the Tampa Bay History Center.